In the sedentary/non fit, elderly population  65 and up, you will find higher incidence of chronic


conditions.   Conversly, studies support that fitness in midlife can be associated with a lower


risk of chronic health conditions as you age.




Studies also support that the rate of injuries in young adults 12+ during growth spurts and


individuals returning to activity following a long period of inactivity have higher incidence of injury to


muscles, ligaments and tendons.  For these populations prevention is paramount.




Trends have shown that many Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation patients, due to either

cuts in insurance coverage or for the simple reason that they fall between the cracks of being fully


rehabilitated and needing more skilled care that is not covered by insurances, often suffer either debility or


eventual re-injury.  Our Wellness Program will provide the continued skilled care and monitoring these


patients need to get over the hump and avoid re-injury and debility.  Most importantly it will enable this


population of people to regain pre-injury function and use of the affected region and, not settle for a


subpar functioning status existing post insurance limit rehabilitation end, monitored by a licensed






Stay functional, mobile and injury free!  Who better to help the aging population stay mobile, functional


and fit?  Who better to assist with preventing injury in the young, pre and post teen, the Obese, sedentary


and deconditioned middleager then a licensed Professional?




We at community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation realize the importance of Wellness, Preventative


and Transitional wellness in the goal of maintainin gains and level of independence;  As we recover from


injury, return  to activities, Commit to a healthy preventative living, and as we age gracefully. 




Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’s  Wellness Program is equipped to assist all populations


in reaching their fitness goals by providing services under the direction of a Licensed Physical

Therapist who will assist in structuring a plan to assist with;  Prevent injury, Increase  mobility, Strength,


Flexibility, Endurance, Maintaining independence in the elderly and Prevention in the old and young




Prescriptions are welcomed but are not necessarly required to enroll in this WELLNESS/ PREVENTATIVE PROGRAMContact our facility to see how we can assist you in achieving your Wellness and Prevention goals. 




Wellness/ Preventative services