You Can Take an  Active Role In Your Physical Therapy and Wellness Treatment Plan?



What's In a Name?  Did you know you have a say in  choosing  who provides your Physical Therapy Care? 



In past years many individuals/patients may have short changed themselves by not being informed in the


Physical Therapy process.  More specifically, what rights do I have in choosing who provides my care?  You


have the right to choose where your services are rendered.   Just call up the facility and they will take it


from there.



It is important not to be distracted in thinking that a name of a facility will always dictate the quality of


care you will receive.   All facilities do not have the same skill set and or are not equipped to handle certain


varieties of injuries.  The treatment is ultimately provided by the therapists' that happen to be employed,


by the named facility, at the time you are treated.  High turnover could render your choice


therapist  no longer being available.   Due diligence could ensure the quality of care you require and


desire.  So Exercise your right to choose. 



Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a Private Physical Therapist Owned and  


Operated Clinic with a history of  NO Clinical staff turn- over.