"It was very Helpful!!! The Therapist was super Terrific"





                       "The Therapist was very helpful and concerning"











100% of our Patients Said that they would recommend our Facility and it' s staff to their


family and friends........... 












      WHAT ELSE ARE THEY SAYING????????????






       1)How easy was it to make an appointment by telephone?




                       100% Responded: Very Easy/Easy





   2) Was the person who scheduled your appointment courteous and helpful?




                     100% Responded: Very Courteous





   3) Were you able to see the therapist of your choice?




                    100% Responded: Yes





 4) Did you  feel that your therapist spent an adequate amount of time with you.




                   100% Responded: Yes




 5) How would you rate the competence of your therapist?




                  100% Responded: Outstanding





 6) Mark The boxes that characterize the demeanor of your therapist.





                 100% Responded: Concerned and Friendly





  7) Did you feel your therapist's Examination was thorough?



                100% Responded: Yes





  8) How well did your therapist include you in healthcare decisions?



               100% Responded: Outstanding/Good        






  9) Would you recommend this facility and its staff to your family and friends?



                100% Responded: Yes