Wellness Program



Team Wellness





The Wellness component of Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation was born out of a desire


and need to provide an opportunity for both those patients falling between the cracks of being cut off


from medical coverage and still needing Physical Therapy care and guidance to assist in the return to




their prior level of functioning; and to provide an initiative and avenue for those in the community,




wanting  to take charge of their health and wellness by becoming more active and wellness minded,




who are unsure how to safely do so.  These goals can be achieved with the assistance in our semi -




skilled environment.





The desire is to cut down on recidivistic injuries of post-surgical patients and to minimize escalating




healthcare/fitness costs that can result from injuries related to deconditioning and unsafe exercise




methods.   We want to reach out into the community and promote whole-istic Health and Wellness.






The wellness program, “Team Wellness”,  provides; individualized evaluations, recommendations and




orientation of exercise regimen from a Licensed Physical Therapist, Education and monitoring of




vitals, and understanding of key signs of exertion as related to RPE’s and their impact on




conditioning. There is also instruction on exercise regimens to achieve patient specific goals. 



Team Wellness members will have access to and instruction on use of on-site exercise,


 cardio equipment and ongoing assistance as needed, at a discounted minimal monthly fee.










Cost of program:




Qualifying Members:


  • Postural Assessment (out of pocket)


  •  $5.00 per visit, with monthly commitment (out of pocket)


  • Senior Citizen discounts available





What is Offered:


    • Plan Set  and monitored by Licensed Physical Therapist 


    • Support group


    • Use of Exercise Equipment


    • Earn a FREE Team Wellness T-shirt


    • Health Fitness, Wellness commiserates of effort.


    • Friendly private environment


    • Postural Assessment


    • Opportunity to lower early onset chronic illness


    • Opportunity to increase  ROM, Strength, Flexibility, Functional Independence and Improve balance




    Who Could Benefit?  


    • Sedentary


    • Deconditioned


    • Adolescent to Geriatric


    • Post Surgical Transitioning Patients


    • Obese


    • Transitioning Therapy Patients


    • Athletes needing Preventative injury protection


    • Those wanting  to gain an edge to life, living and Functioning in sports, and  ADL’s





    How Do I Get Started?


      • Contact  Team Wellness Coordinator @Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation;  


             2006 Bayshore Road, Villas, NJ 08251 Phone: (609) 770-8300 Fax: (609) 770-8304





      What Do I Need To Participate?


        • A desire to achieve health and wellness and commitment to change.  Prescriptions are welcome but not


               needed to participate.