General Medical

     We at Community Physical Therapy and  


Rehabilitation realize that momentary set back does   


not equal continued debility.  We have tools and  


abilities to aid in maximizing your return to prior  


functional independence, activities of  daily living  


and  Leisure activities. We understand


the importance of a return to normal function and


strive to utilize all of our means and resources and


rehabilitation means to return all of our general


medical patients back to their prior level of  


functioning and independence.     


Ailments stemming from this group of compromise could


be the result of progressive deconditioning following a


variety of causes. Progressive/prolonged conditions


requiring limitations in functioning and or sedentary life


style; Pre or Post Natal, Cardiac, Cancer related, Renal


Insufficiencies, Unstable Blood Pressure, Complications


from surgery or other Organic compromise, unexpected


injuries requiring prolonged hospital stay or sudden


illnesses precipitated from a variety of reasons, ending in


deconditioning. This deconditioning can lead to deficits


affecting; Respiratory, Muscle weakness and contractures,


Gait difficulties, Endurance difficulties, coordination


difficulties etc.