Francienna Grant is a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience.  She brings to the


clinic an extensive history as a preferred Physical Therapist at many teaching hospitals as well as the

areas large Physical Therapy clinics, before deciding to open her own clinic in  2010.  She received a nomination and  


consideration for Metropolitan Who’s Who Among Physical Therapists “Honors Edition” and accolades from many of the


regions elite professionals.



      Ms. Grant is, American born, and trained both in the United States of America and The Netherlands Europe, receiving

dual degrees to practice as a licensed Physical Therapist.  She was personally trained and developed under the instruction


of a member of the New York Board of Examiners Licensing test Practitioners section (Practical  portion of PT Licensing


process before 1995) and premiere Manual Therapists both in Europe and U.S.A. 



       She has worked as a staff Physical Therapist and in multiple supervisory roles; Skilled Nursing, Outpatient


Orthopedic and as independent Home Health Physical Therapist.  While as a staff Physical Therapist she had


the opportunity of rehabilitating adults from the fetal position debility to the return to full ambulatory status.  This


garnering her title of being the requested and preferred Therapist of Medical Students and Medical Doctors alike. Areas of


experience; Acute Care, Sub Acute, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities,  Home Health, Acute Orthopedic, Sub Acute


Orthopedic, Manual Orthopedic Outpatient Clinics, Sports Rehabilitation and fast track post Hip, Knee, Shoulder and


Ankle Foot Replacements. Patients range from those with general Medical, Neurological, Spinal and Orthopedic injuries




         The State board Examiner for Oral/ Practical part of  Physical Therapy  examinations   gave Francienna


Grant  recommendation:   “I learned to know Ms. Grant as a very amiable and knowledgeable person. I was especially


impressed by her urge to learn  as well by her social strength."

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