Patient Specific Physical Therapy:  Athletes/Non-


Athletes, Prenatal/ Post-Natal, Pediatric to Geriatric. 


Treating the Young and the Old from Head to toe… 


Quick efficient results and return to prior level of functioning.


Pain free, Limitation free, Patient Specific, Hands On, One on


One Specialized Orthopedic Care.   Quick return following


injury/compromise due to; General Medical, Sports Related,


Preventative and Post-Surgical injury to the; Necks, Spine,


Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee, Ankle/Foot., Gait and Balance


difficulties.  Quick efficient return to prior level of independence


and functioning in Sports, Leisure and Activities of Daily Living is


our daily mission at Community Physical Therapy and



Mission Statement:

Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’s mission is to:


“Make accessible and provide highly skilled Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Services to the fortunate and unfortunate members of our communities, without


borders, that is Sympathetic, Empathetic, and patient Centered.”



*Accessible skilled rehab services to everyone High, Middle,

   and Lower socioeconomic classes.



*Everyone will have access to highly skilled Physical

  Therapy and Rehabilitation services.



*Create a structure of care like unto what is provided to

   those in less fortunate countries but directed to those

   less fortunate in our community in USA.


Community Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (CPTANDR)

Serving Cape May County with free Consultations and offers